26 January, 2020

A Bangladeshi Man Who Married 60 Times In 25 Years Has Been Arrested

A man from Bangladesh has had more wives than birthdays. Abu Baker, a 45-year-old man, has been arrested. His crime? Marrying 60 times in less than 25 years.

Abu Baker was arrested on Sunday night, November 3. Meanwhile, Baker is the son of Badshah Mia. They are residents of Shobharchar village of the Goyalerchar union in Jamalpur District, Bangladesh.

The man has married numerous women. He is typically considered as a fraud. His first marriage took place when Baker was 20 years of age. Since then, he has married about 60 times in his lifetime. The accused is 45 years old, which means he had been marrying more than one woman in a year. Baker never used his real documents for his multiple matrimonies. He had a set of fake papers, expressing him as ’unmarried’, ’widower’ and additional terms.

Abu’s 60th wife, Rosy complained to him

On November 3, the officers finally caught the man. Rosy Khanum, the 60th 

wife of Abu Baker, filed a lawsuit against Baker. The case was filed with 

 the police station in Purbadhala.

While getting married to Rosy, Baker had yet again used fake documents. He had a completely false identity. According to the papers, his name was Shaheen Alam. It furthermore stated that he was the son of Akram. Another lie was that they were from Kutuberchar Village of Shadhurpara in Bakshiganj Upazila, Jamalpur District, Bangladesh.

Dowry is an unacceptable tradition carried out for many years. Baker or according to his fake identity, Shaheen demanded dowry.  Subsequently, once he got married to Rosy, he asked her father for a dowry of Tk2 lakh. Her father declined as he wasn’t very well-to-do. However, he took about Tk80,000 from Rosy’s father, his father-in-law and fled.

The accused married women only for money

Abu is known as ’Baker teacher’ in his neighborhood. He spoke up saying that although he married 60 times, he didn’t have many kids. Baker has only seven children. He only married women for money. After getting the wealth, he divorced the women. He always used his false identity and never revealed his correct address in Islampur Upazila.

He lived at his residence along with his first wife, Sazeda Begum, seven children and two more of his wives. There is no idea as to what will happen to his wives and children.

Ansar Ali, Islampur Police Station Officer-in-Charge gave a statement. He confirmed that Teacher Baker has confessed to marrying 60 times.

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