22 January, 2020

The Power of Makeup

I love makeup. When I have makeup on I have a different type of look. It enhances my looks in a way that helps me appreciate my beauty. It definitely boosts my self-esteem and sometimes my confidence.

I was always into fashion but I didn’t start using makeup until after I was married and pregnant. I had this urge to cut my hair when I was 5 months pregnant with Glenn.

I told my ex-husband that I wanted to cut my hair but he was against it. I was being a good patient wife so I didn’t bring it up much until one day we had an argument and right in the middle of the heated argument, I grabbed a pair of scissors and began to cut chunks of my hair while staring him in the face lol. That brought the argument to an end as he sadly shook his head and turned around.

I had a friend that used makeup a lot and I took an interest in it. So I started using it. Trying different styles and look; I began to get really good at it.

After I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I really didn’t feel like wearing makeup. The pain and weakness made it impossible to stand in front of the mirror like I used to. I started slowly not doing makeup like I used to. I chopped off most of my hair because it hurt horribly to comb and manage and I didn’t want to deal with much hair anymore.

Life got really hard when I lost almost everything I had to fibromyalgia. Makeup was one of the major things that kept me going. I didn’t wear my problems on my face at all and I got so much joy from smiling and receiving different beautiful smiles back. So I smile regardless of my pain or situation and this has helped me grow, mature, seeing things from a bigger perspective and knowing that other people out there have it just as bad as I do or even worse than I have. I choose to fight to go on.

I fight to survive with makeup. It keeps me going. I can do without makeup but I always make a solid statement when I “beat” my face

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